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1.      What is new?:

        July, 26.07.2009:

In January I started with the input of various new data and suddenly a computercrash. Therefore I have to start right from the beginning. Sorry, my fault.
New are some probably interesting pictures on the page I introduce myself about some interesting people.


        December, 27.12.2008:



After every visit of the Castle Seeberg (Hrad Seeberg) near Eger/Cheb in Bohemia I looked for a possibility to create a special Seeberger Goblet. Now I found two companies who produced this goblet for an acceptable price. Presently the prices for labour are still reasonable in the Czech Republic, otherwise I couldnt afford the costs for 12 hrs handwork on every goblet.
Now Im able to present the goblet and believe me, the wine tastes much better from these glasses, especially when you celebrate a family party, For more details please click on the picture.

After our trip around the world some friends asked me for more information. More details about this absolute highlight of our life can be seen under Round the World Trip 2007


        December 26th 2008:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all people who are interested in the genealogy of all Seeberger families.

I sent an email to all known addresses two days ago, but got 30% of them back because the email-address has changed. Therefore I have a big request: if you didnt get this email, please contact me and send me your new email-address, so that I can contact you directly in the future!



        April. 26th 2008:

We are back home and I try to work through all the emails and letters which I received during the
last 5 months.

        October, 27th 2007:

No, I didnt quit my research!

But the last months were so hectic that I couldnt show the results of my research on this homepage. I beg your pardon for this. Nevertheless I continued my work and answered hundreds of questions from members of the Seeberger/Seeburger family, the average was 4-5 every week, which is a bit too much for me.
And now my wife Anne and I can fulfill a very big dream. In two days we fly around the world for almost 5 months. (Bali-Java -Australia-New Zealand-Fiji-Cook Islands). If anybody is interested, he can see my internal planning (mostly in German) under www.seeberger.name/test/Weltreise.pdf including a lot of pictures.
At the end of March we will hopefully be back and then I can continue my research. Please have patience until then.


        April, 6th 2003:

I think its time to bring some news. This time I will concentrate on three areas where I had to invest a lot of work:

- the Seaboyer from Canada and USA:
 I think I roused a sleeping dog!! Genealogically extremely interesting and very confusing and work intensive. But if I start with a job. .. Well, I hope that I can open a seperate page about this name only. It started, that a Johann (Seeburger or Soehberger, or,or..) immigrated to Lunenburg near Halifax in Nova Scotia/Canada. From him a large number of descendents are known, today more than 50 name bearers in Canada and the USA. As I already mentioned, there are a many variations of the name in the documents and sometimes the name Seaboyer became the final variant. It is obvious that Johann came from the socalled Kurpfalz the area around Heidelberg and his family was protestant.
Im very lucky that some members of this family, especially Al Seaboyer in British Columbia sent me detailed documents. But I guess that it will take months to evaluate all papers.
- the Seeberger in Vienna/Austria:
and another idea came up. For about two years I got informations of about 20 marriages in Vienna back to 1590. When I got the chance to get a two way air-ticket for 2.-- $ I decided to take this chance! But I have to warn everyone to start research in Vienna, because this is very difficult. There are no central archives or document and you have to go to every church office. Generally I hoped to find the families from Tyrol and Vorarlberg, but negative. I found Seeberger from Germany (Nuremberg, Grossenseebach), Lorraine(Lutzelbourg), Moravia (Znaim) and Salzburg. What made it much more complicated was the fact that one couple married in one church but the children were baptized in another parish with no hint about this place. So, you need a lot of luck and systematical work. Really uncommon was the fact that I found the marriage of one couple in two different parishes. But that was not so unusual. In this case it was crazy that they really married twice on two different days! Maybe that the two families were so hostile that they needed two parties! At least I got a lot of very interesting details from the two trips I made.

- Johann baron (Freiherr) von Seeburger, Dr. from Hungary:
 I was sitting in the University archive in Vienna when the director gave me the personal file of a very famous Dr. Johann Seeburger, who was born 1800 in Kolocza/Hungary. He then studied in Vienna and got to the top as a medical doctor. As personal physician of the emperor, especially after the assassination of the emperor in 1853, he was raised into knighthood and 1865 he was honoured as baron. In the meantime I have found his parents and siblings in Kolocza and I hope that one of his descendants will contact me.

A last remark to the archive. Daily I can buy new pieces or get them from other Seeberger. This will be topic of the next addition

        December, 22nd 2002:

I wish every visitor of these pages a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I also wish peace over all boarders. May the responsible persons in the world understand that war is only the last means against an attack. And may we all have enough courage to raise our voice if someone starts playing with matches.

Over the last months I got a lot of new results but this means also a lot of work to publish on my webside. In January and February I plan two trips to Vienna, where I already have a lot of appointments in 9 parish offices. The oldest marriage is dated 1590 and I hope to get many of informations. Research in Vienna is always elaborate and costly because I have to do all research on my own at different places. But I decided to start now. In March I hope to be able to tell you the first

        November, 17th 2002:

On my homepage you will find a new page links. There I plan to publish links to websites which are related in any way to the name Seeberger and its variations. You have an own homepage? You have an own company? No problem, please contact me.

At the moment Im working on the Seaboyer family. They came in 1750 from Wuerttemberg to Lunenburg in Nova Scotia/Canada. In this family a lot of name variations are found, which doesnt make the research any easier. It looks as if this family originally had the name Seeburger and originated from the protestant line.

       September 15th 2002:

The last months were very hectic and I had to concentrate on some essential things. I had to rework over all my webpages, what is not noticeable. Reason was a beginners mistake I made with my first homepage which brought up many problems with the upload of my pages. That is finished now.
I also had to research the whole city of Wangen Bavaria and checked very intensively about 300 microfiche. A terrible work and the result was not, what I had expected. What a pity that one doesnt know this at the beginning. I also brought in a lot of new details (e.g. on the pages about missing people) which I dont mention in detail on this page.
Longer trips to Austria and twice to Bohemia were very interesting but took a lot of time. A visit by my sister in law from Australia for some weeks kept me away from my research.

Now we will leave for a four weeks holiday on the Isle of Crete. But after our return I plan to work hard on my researches.

      February 10th 2002:

The idea was good, but I had to work several days on these few pages. So I had to concentrate on two areas for today´s presentation:

- the Seeburger families . Today I can present first concrete results.
- the
Seeberger-Archive has got numerous new things. I could buy a lot of items
  over Internet - auctions. You should browse a while over this page.

      December 23rd 2001:

Today it´s time and place to wish everybody a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year 2002.

I wish that I will have a bit more time for research than I had last year.

This time I only put some new pictures of the Seeberger-Bowl, so that everyone can see how wonderful it looks like.


November 17th 2001:

The big shock!
On Sunday November 11th I drove with my son to the Czech Republic, to intensify the contacts to a glass factory and to pick up our Seeberger-Family-Bowl-Set. Sunday evening we sat together with the owners of the company and the new managing director but next morning the big shock, because my son´s car was stolen. From a protected parking place of the hotel and also stolen my notebook with all my datas. Good luck that the last backup was only 4 weeks old. The car was found some hours later about 30 miles away but everything was removed and the car had already Czech car plates.

Thanks to the ADAC (the German AAA) who organized (and paid) a rental car and the transport of the car back to our home!
Today I´m online again, but the emails from four weeks are lost. Therefore the big request:

Who has sent me an email between October 10th and November 16th and didn´t get an answer, please contact me again, because I cannot restore these datas!

For the next weeks main objective is the restoration of datas. Therefore it will take until the end of the year before I will have some time to spend for Genealogy. I hope that I can show you a foto of the wonderful Seeberger-Family-Bowl-Set which will be initiated at our New Year´s party!

      October 14th 2001:

Today I added some informations about the Seeberger families from Austria.

      September 9th 2001:

Today the 5000th vistor was counted on my homepage. That is a reason to be happy about the interest on the research of the Seeberger families, but for me also a reason to feel a bit sad about the fact that I can not affort the necessary time to complete the pages continously. Computerproblems and private stress avoided this, nevertheless the good will is still present. Therefore I ask everyone for a bit of patience. This is also true for answers on emails, they take too much time.
But I´m not idle, presently I´m in the last stage with my research of the Seeberger from Hungary, a visit in the archive of the diocese Rottenburg didn´t bring the expected clarification, but more confusion.
Second big present project is the work concerning over 200 Seeburger, I have to plough through a lot of microfilms to complete this work.

      May 24th 2001:

Sometimes it´s really good if one takes his computer with him during holidays. During bad weather times it helps to work on your hobby. So I took the chance to work on three areas and now I´m able to present the results:
- Under stories I added a new page memories. This page was born on the island Crete and my heart
  told me to publish this. I hope you will read it and probably be able to send me additions or fotos.
- The Sieberger informations are worked over and now ready to present more details. Most of them
  are descendants from the Seeberger family, but you better read all the details.
- Also the Seeberger in Hungary are at a state to present first definite connections. I think it´s worth to
  take a look at this page.
- The Seeberger-punch-bowl is getting more and more concrete. The arrangements with the company
  in Bohemia are made and shortly we will start the production of the ordered sets.
  If you also want to join, contact me immediately.

       April 22nd 2001:

Today I cannot report any big news. Reason for this is that because of a longer lasting illness and a trip to Northern Bohemia I didnt have any chance to invest any time in this hobby.
And tomorrow we will leave for 4 weeks holiday which we really need.
In one case I made some progress, the Seeberger from Hungary. I found out that they came about 1725 from Germany (Aulendorf near Bad Waldsee/ Bavaria) and their ancestors assume to come from St. Jacob in Tyrol/ Austria
I hope that I can present some more results in Summer. 

       February 18th 2001:

I have a lot of news to report, but unfortunatelly I am not yet able to work all in. Yesterday, more than 4000 people had visited my page, more than I ever expected. But also the questions increased enourmously, and, of course, also the new realizations. That is why there will be several new pages in the near future. I will take them up one by one. So, what is new, or what will be come shortly?
- A new page about the Sieberger families. A complete new branch with surprising connections, and a nice coat of arms.
- A new page about the Seeburger families. This is only the beginning, but the inquiries continued to increase, so I decided to keep track of this branch.
- And also the Seeberg families will receive a new page. Here also, this is only the beginning.
- After I wrote several letters almost 2 years ago, I heared from a Seeberger in Hungary. This morning I became the confirmation, that this family cames from the Banat and therefore originates from the Seeberger from Eger>Waldsassen>Grossenseebach. The present problem is the language. At the moment it is running from Hungarian over Czech and then into German. So many missunderstandings can happen.
- New things arrived in the archive, but please also look under missing links.
- Last for today, a special opportunity: The Seeberger punch-bowl. Just look it up, I find it very interesting.

        December 11th 2000:

After a breakdown of my computer (two weeks before warranty ended) I am still working to install all my programs and save the datas. So another unexpected delay and only a few changes:
- The picture of Dr. Hans-Juergen Seeberger from Berlin arrived on the page named thank you
- I tried to cut down the size of that song on the page the party and made some progress. Now the
  size is much smaller and includes the whole song.

        November 26th 2000:
Today only a little test: On the page the party I have embedded the song that was sung when I shot the photo and which we liked best. I believe that this music shows best the mentality of this area and the people living there and therefore belongs to this page!

         November 12th 2000:

Today I will publish only a few new infos as I still have to take care of too many other things which I have to tackle first, but it will not take long until I can deal whith these matters more systematically.
What is worth mentioning?
- under Bohemia there are a few new items.
- under stories there is a new page with the name Thankyou,
- in future, the photos will be relatively small. By clicking on the picture it is however possible to obtain a larger picture in better quality, but which will take a bit longer to load. But not everybody wants to study this intensively.

- Help wanted: Who can help me to find a missing Seeberger by US Social Security Number? We know the name, date and place of birth and guess that he might live in Florida! Any help is appreciated.

- I can continously see that someone goes to the webpage in order to see whats new. If I do not publishing anything, I can imagine that dissapointment can occur. To avoid this I suggest that I inform about any changes directly by email.If anybody is interested, please send me a short email, so that I can integrate your address in the distribution list. My email address?
- there are new informations about several familytrees. I am working hard to get these datas ready for publishing. The archive has also received increasement, a few examples I put on the page. Through the possibility over the Internet to take part in international auctions, I have been able to purchase several items.
- I was again asked why I do not publish my complete informations through the Internet.
There are two reasons for this. The first concernes the protection of datas. The second lies in the fact, that over 30 different persons promised to send me their datas (partly since 2 years) but unfortunately forgot this. To be honest, I do not want to publish everything I know, without receiving a few actual datas. For me this is a business of give and take. So please pull your own nose, and keep your promises. No hard feelings.

        September 4th 2000:

Well, the design is a bit of a problem, especially for someone with little experience, who has to dig into the subject. So, after many tests, I am making a new start. I hope that it will meet with general approval. I also had to change the names of some pages, so that the searchmachines would react correctly.
There is a large problem, as in the meantime there are so many reactions through the homepage, that I hardly have a chance to further fill the pages. But that`s something I have to live with - that`s the way I wanted it!
Over the last two months I worked hard on the datas from Bohemia. The walls of my house were covered with notes and I continously evaluated the different combinations. But it has to be published some time or another and I am starting today. The pages of Bohemia and Pscheheischen represent the start.
In the near future I will report a bit more about several books and pictures, which I received in the meantime.
From 9.-26th September I will be in the Czech Republic and in Berlin. After that in Munich, until 6th October. I hope you understand, if I do not reply immediately. The next continuation will follow at the end of October.

        July 16th 2000:

In the main menue there is a new page stories of and about Seeberger. Please have a look.

It progresses slowly but surely.

        July 11th 2000:


I have a very guilty conscience, because I couldnt work on my research for the last five weeks. My work for the two organizations and the new foundation of my sons company took all my time.
On the other hand I have to reply to more than 100 emails and some of you are waiting to hear about the results of my research in the Czech Republic. But I will try to publish more about this on the bohemian page over the next week.
Here are the basic results in a few words:
-I was very successful in finding another generation back in the town archive of Cheb (Eger). This was quite an interesting story which I have to go into in more detail later. It is quite interesting, that all the Seebergers in Cheb left before 1560 over the border to Bavaria . I guess that the reason is, that they were catholics and refused to become protestants. The reformation came to this area in about 1555, later than in other areas. When this region became catholic again (in the Thirty Years War) three Seeberger (two from Hiltershof) came back and married 1618 and later in Cheb. There they lived for more than 100 years.
-In GenForum the question after a Maria Seeberger, born 1780 in Preheischen, Bohemia, was brought up. While researching in the Pilsen archive I checked for this town and what did I find? A whole bunch of Seeberger back to about 1621! The origin of this family is unknown but must be the area of Cheb or Bavaria. They lived in Pscheheischen until about 1890. More about this and some pictures within the next weeks.
-In Marktredwitz I met Harald Seeberger who now lives in Wuerzburg. His uncle Reinhard showed me an original oilpainting of the famous Professor Gustav Seeberger which was painted in 1883. Its beauty and quality is hard to describe. He really was the master of perspective
-Main reason of this trip, besides the researches, was the celebration of my wives 6oth birthday. The big party took place in the Seeberg castle in Bohemia with some good friends. An extraordinary celebration about which I will tell you on another page and show you some pictures.
-By the way, I made the decision to publish some pages, on which I can tell some stories from and about Seebergers.
-One week ago Paul Davis from Palm Springs/CA with his cousins Margaret Turlo and Cathy Duncan visited me. Paul has helped me a lot in researching the Seberger family (which lost one e during immigration). I was able to help Margy a bit in researching her ancestors from this region and I think she was really happy to visit the wonderful small church of Hilberath, where her g-grandmother had been baptized! After a nice dinner in the romantic town of Bad Muenstereifel they had to leave again. A visit, much too short but really nice!
-And now I could continue over some more pages to report about what happened over the last weeks or what I got for my archive, but I will put this somewhere on my webpages later.

So, I request another bit of patience, I will really try hard. But please understand, that I have to finish the other work first, before I am able to continue with my researches. Thank you for your comprehension.

        2.The entire conception:

In the past especially the question was open, how many of the dates about the over 9000 Seebergers should be made public in the Internet. Well, in the meantime I have decided not to do this, against reasons of protection and the immense amount of dates which are difficult to survey. What can the over 300 Johann Seeberger tell us? Nobody can find anything there.
In my opinion I should rather describe the families, and show how these have spread all over the world. Of course several names and dates will be mentioned. However, from the living Seebergers I will only mention the name and the town of residence. More is not necessary in my opinion.
What do you think? I would be glad over suggestions.

      3. Volunteers wanted:

Who is willing to help me a bit with my work? This would be quite easy and I am thinking about different activities:
-research in the Internet for another Seeberger
- checking of microfilms at the nearest Family History Center of the Mormons, especially films, I can´t
 get in Germany because of restrictions by churches or archives.
- contacting of Seeberger and including them in this project

If you are interested and/or have any further questions, please send an email (directly or over my guestbook), I will reply as soon as possible.