During the course of my researches I found a lot of interesting stories, which deal with either a certain person or a certain place or the social surroundings. Thank you to all those who sent me their contributions. These will one day become theire proper place in my book, but that will unfortunately take considerable time, as there ia still a lot to investigate. For this reason I thought that some of them should be integrated here, without any particular system. Just as I receive them and how much time I have to sort them out.
This is the chance for everyone of you to find yourselves here with your family stories and pictures. So please use it, I know there are many of you who have great interest in this subject.
As a first example I will report about the birthday party of my wife Anne at the castle of Seeberg in Bohemia and show you some pictures of it.
I have many ideas for future chapters, so just let yourselves in for surprises!

3. Memories to our fallen soldiers

2. Special thanks to some friends

1. 60th birthday of my wife Anne, 3rd June 2000, at the castle Seeberg in Bohemia