1. Switzerland: (one moment please for loading high resolution graphics!)

In red you can see the movement of the Valise families about 1000. In Switzerland you can see easily how the Seeberger from Seeberg moved to their todays positions according to the common movement.


2. Austria:
From the hamlet Seeberg in the Great Valise Valley (Grosses Walsertal) the Seeberger families probably moved in the surrounding areas and got the new name Seeberger.

From Tyrol one family moved back to the Valise later.


3. Bohemia:Eger8x6

One has to know, that the whole area of Eger was lent to Bohemia in 1322. This contract has never been revoked. Eger itself was a basically total German town till about 1900 and the connections to the Bavarian area of Waldsassen were sometimes stronger than to Bohemia. By changing the religions in this area ( e.g. 30 years war ) obviously many families moved to Bavaria.

The history of Eger is extremely interesting and I had the chance to read some very interesting books. Some of the facts I will cover in my planned book.















4. East Prussia:

I have already written how the name Seeberger developed from Seberg. Here is a map of this area close to the Baltic Sea. The different families basically lived in the villages close to and south of the road between Braunsberg and Heilsberg. The oldest record I have found is about a Michael Seeberg who must be born about 1525 in the Braunsberg area and a Franz Seeburg who might have been his brother. After this date there is a gap in the datas which continue with a Georg Seeberger * about 1729 in Lichtenau

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