Born on November 6th 1938 in Jena / Thuringia I still remember the war ULLI1939and the flight to Bonn as a small boy. After leaving school I joined the Army in 1959. After the officer training I studied engineering at the university of Darmstadt. During the course of my work in the area of logistics and procurement of new weapon systems I was able to make many international contacts. In 1992 I got the chance of an early retirement and took it. Since that time I have been able to live for my hobbies.
In my life I met some very interesting people, here you will find some pictures:1959-Ulli-HeussGeburtstag-1-TN

- 1959 I met the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany Theodor Heuss (called Papa Heuss) a very impressive person! I had the great honour to congratulate him to his 75th anniversary.

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- 1967 in Huntsville/Alabama as a young Captain we had the honour of 1967-Ulli-Huntsville-01-TNthe visit from the Vicepresident of the USA Hubert H. Humprey. When he arrived at Redstone Airfield our group of international students hat to line up and salute. Everyone who knows me today will never find out, which one in the row I was.




Honorary Citizen



- 1988 I got a special autograph from the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl! Its a rare autograph, not because it is a personal one with my name on it, but the fact that he signed it at about 10:00 am and at 2:00 pm he got his papers for resignement after 16 years as Chancellor. (Very special for collectors, not a FDC, more a LDC)



- 1964 I married. My wife Anne was also born in Jena, so we have known each other for quite a long time! We became 2 children, a son, named Claus, and a daughter, named Karin.


I have been doing family research for about 10 years. In the meantime it´s become quite a huge operation. I do not only research my own family, but all other branches too, for several reasons:

- At quite an early stage I came to a dead end with my great-grandparents. To make progress in this case, I wrote to several name-bearers. I had come to the wrong conclusion, that a Seeberger must belong to my family. This way I received a lot of dates, so I felt obliged to research also for these families. Now I don´t want to disappoint them and therefore I am continuing.

- I was especially interested in the stories round about the Seebergers. The historical, social and personal backgrounds have excited me and also made me thoughtful. In this way I also altered my points of view about life in general! All this I want to continue collecting and put it all together in a book, in order to preserve it for future generations.

- During my researches I have met many people and have come to know and love their home-towns.

- Of course it is also always a great joy to discover long-forgotten Seeberger members, and to put together their families. It is always a good feeling to get results and the right combinations.