The large Seeberger Families

It is quite problematic for me to decide about how detailed the presentation of the different families should be. It doesn´t make too much sense to present all the 9000+ members in the Internet. Therefore I try a different way of presentation and request your critics. My objective was to find a way of presentation where everyone keeps overlook.

I therefore present here all the families who have been researched back to about 1600. I only describe the development of these families and who is nown today as a still living member.

If there are any questions, please ask my direct and I will try to claer it up. I believe that this is the better way.

1. The Swiss families from the Kantons of Luzern, Aargau und Bern and

  the Swiss families in the Wallis from St. Jacob / Tyrol

2. The Austrian Seeberger from Vorarlberg und Tyrol.

3. The families from Bohemia, who emigrated over the Fichtelgebirge to Bavaria.

....The Seeberger in Upper- and Lower Franconia see under 3.

....The Seeberger in the Palatines see under Tyrol

....The Seeberger north of the Alps see under Vorarlberg / Tyrol

....Seeberger in Baden from the area of Boxberg and Mosbach see under Tyrol

....Seeberger in the regions Saar and Lorraine see under Tyrol

....French Seeberger (3 Brothers) see under Tyrol

4. The East Prussian Seeberger

  Seeberger living in the USA:

....Seeberger from Texas see under Aargau / Switzerland

....Seeberger from Illinois see under Aargau /Switzerland

....Seberger from Indiana who have lost one e see under Tyrol

....The families from Pittsburg / PA see under Bohemia


And if you didn´t find your family here, please look under Family II, the smaller and/or not totally researched families, or ask me directly.