Seeberger Book

1. What is the Seeberger book:

I think it would be a great pity to let all the results of my researches somehow vanish, or to get lost in some archive. So I had the idea to collect these in a book. The title speaks for itself:

Den Seebergern auf der Spur
(On the tracks of the Seebergers)

2. The conception:

- I do not intend to use this book commercially. Maybe copies can be made.
- As the title indicates, this book will not consist of endless descendancy charts, but will deal more
 with backgrounds. In this connection I am thinking about:
 ...the experiences during my researches,
 ...historical and social backgrounds, which can explain why the families started their treks to other
   towns and countries,
 ...adventures during these emigrations,
 ...description and history of the different places and counties,
 ...stories about different Seebergers, who were either famous, well-known, important or just
   original. Amusing stories are also wanted., which not only show persons or countrysides, but which tell more about the time in
   which they were taken.
- in this content I think about one basic volume, where (like this webside) families and places
 described only to a certain extent.
- further, supplements are pulled together according to familiy clans, which go into more detail and
 which contain e.g. more pictures and copies of interesting records and time documents.
- presently I am working on the structure and am busily collecting material. In this connection I
 have made evaluations from a lot of history and local books, in order to receive background
 informations. As far as I can see, I can begin with the active work on the book in about 2 years.
 Before that I want to concentrate more on the actual investigations.

3. What can everyone of us donate?

In principal the same as for the archive. Pictures, documents etc, but especially family stories. After the motto - in the family, the following story about uncle XX is told... Or interesting newspaper clips, in which someone is mentioned. This is a good opportunity to donate your pictures and those of your family, especially of course, if these are a bit original (e.g. in local costumes).
Of course the last decision has to stay with me, but I promise, not to dissapoint you.
Yes, I am sure that you already have several ideas.

Please do not forget them, but just tackle it!