Seeberger Archive

1. What is the Seeberger - Archive?:

After Dr. Hans-Jürgen Seeberger from Berlin (from the bohemian clan) suggested that I should start a family archive. I thought that this is an exellent idea, so I installed it.
The purpose is, that all of you have the possibility to save documents concerning the name Seeberger for future generations. Considering the fact, that many things are thrown in the trash bins in the course of liquidations of homes through the heirs, many documents get lost, which have influenced a whole life or more. Who has not asked themselves sometimes, why they know nothing, or very little, about their ancestors.

What do I have in mind?:

 - Photos, pictures and notes, which are of importance to the family and the whole historical background
  Especially documents from before 1900.
 - Books and other (relatively) important things, like newspaperclips, dissertations and lecture notes from
   and about Seebergers 
 - Letters from certain times, when the family stories were especially significant, e.g. about the flight or
   emigration, or other historical happenings.
 - Family books from seperate families.
 - Location books, in which families or separate famous Seeberger are described.
 - Also, everything else which comes to your minds. Some examples will follow later.

What is important:

 - In case you wish to keep original documents, please allow me at least to make copies. The contents are
  usually more important to me than the originals!
 - I promise you to look afre these things carefully. Letters will be handled confidentially and will not be
  recited or made public without permission.
 - After my death, my son Claus will continue this archive. Should this not be possible some day, the
   documents will be turned over to the Martin-Opitz-Library in Herne /Germany (which is probably the
   largest library for genealogical documents, except for the Mormons). In this way, a source is open for
   future generations.
 – If you have anything, please contact me, so we can decide carefully, even if you are not sure about what
   you posess - that is no problem.

2. Examples:

1911Georg-Totenbett1890Heusel, Küfer

  Georg Sophian Erhard Philomenus Seeberger, Dean and       Heusel Seeberger, Cooper in Lupfig/
  Parish Council in Bamberg. on his death bed in Erlangen,       Aargau and Johann Schütz, host of
  on 2.12.1911. drawn by his son Carl                      the guesthouse zum Frohsinn
  (courtesy of Dr. H-W. Seeberger, Berlin) .                  (cheerfulness).
                                                   Heusel died 1899.(courtesy of Ernst
                                                   Seeberger, Lupfig)

1909Seberger FamilyA few pictures which came in up to now!


Picture from approx. 1909:
It doesn´t in fact show Abraham Lincoln, but Nikolaus Seberger (1845-1924) in Griffith, Lake County / Indiana with his numerous children.

(courtesy of Dana Klaus and Michael King)



3. Existing family stories:

Seeberger, Georg: Familybook Seeberger (descendants of Mattes from Großklenau) Copy ot the
  handwritten book (started about 1880) and a printed copy as well..
 - Davis, Paul: The Sebergers of Lake County /Indiana (from Tyrol>Sarre region>USA)
 - Schmucker, Barbara: Die Seeberger in Landau/Isar (from the Münchenreuth clan)
 - Seeberger, Karl: Die ersten Seeberger in Lohnsfeld, ihre Vorfahren und ihre Nachkommen
 - Seeberger, Thomas G: The descendants of Robert Bruce 1078-1141 (of the clan from Grossen-
 - Seeberger, Thomas G: Some ancestors and descendants of Charlemagne (of the clan from Großen-

4. Interesting books:BUCHBRUE

Dars, Celine: A Fashion Parade: The Seeberger Collection
- Fritz, Dr. Karl, Pfarrer 1927: Die alte und die neue Heimat
  der Walser.
- Gautrand, Jean-Claude: Les Séeberger. Laventure de trois
  frères photographes au début du siècle.
- Hermanowski, Georg: Ostpreussen Wegweiser
- Heuberger, S: Geschichte der Stadt Brugg bis zum Jahr
- Ilg, Karl: Die Walser in Vorarlberg
- Juin, Hubert: La France 1900 vue par les frères Seeberger.
- Kanton Aargau: Die Aargauer Gemeinden
- Längin, Bernd G: Unvergessene Heimat Banat
- Reinoß, Herbert: Letzte Tage in Ostpreussen
- Rusam, Georg: Österreichische Exulanten in Franken und
- Seberger, Eleanor: Family On A Farm, ...The Good Life.
- Seeberger, Barbara: Lichtlandschaften
- Seeberger, Carl: Wilhelm Wundt und seine Kritiker (Original
 seiner abgelehnten Doktorarbeit).
- Seeberger, Erhard: Der Mensch zwischen Bedrohung und Geborgenheit, Ein Tillich-Brevier.
- Seeberger, Georg: 100 Jahre Kirchengemeinde St. Stephan in Bamberg (1907)
- Seeberger, Gustav: Prinzipien der Perspektive (1904)
- Seeberger, Gustav: Prinzipien der Perspektive (Originalausgabe von 1860!)
- Seeberger, Gustav: 1846 Pulverturm von Passau, Stahlstich vön Poppel.
- Seeberger, Gustav: ca. 1850 Der grosse Saal im Rathaus zu München, Stahlstich v. J. Riegel
- Seeberger, Dr Hans Jürgen: Vortrag 1964 über Die Psychoanalyse, ein moderner Beitrag zur Lehre
 vom Menschen
- Seeberger, Hans: Industriestandort und Wasser.
- Seeberger, Kurt: Tausend Götter und ein Himmel
- Seeberger, Kurt: Der große Auftritt
- Seeberger, Kurt: Das sind Zeiten oder: Sittenbilder von heute
- Seeberger, Kurt: Rousseau
- Seeberger, Kurt:: München 1945 bis heute - Chronik eines Aufstiegs.
- Seeberger, Marcus: Hutmacher im Lötschental (Wallis).
- Seeberger, Reinhold.: Training Aufsatz.
- Seeberger, Wilhelm: Wahrheit in der Politik? Pragmatismus in Theorie und Praxis
- Seeberger, Wilhelm: Die menschliche Intelligenz als Entwicklungsproblem
- Sturm, Heribert: Nordgau - Egerland - Oberpfalz, Studien zu einer historischen Landschaft.
- Sturm, Heribert: Eger, Geschichte einer Reichsstadt Band 1 und 2.
- Spiss, Roman: Saisonwanderer, Schwabenkinder und Landfahrer (Die gute alte Zeit im Stanzertal)
- Thöni, Hans: St. Anton am Arlberg, Entwicklungsgeschichte der Gemeinde
- Thöni, Hans: Die Kirche von St. Anton am Arlberg
- Thöni, Hans: Hannes Schneider

From auctions I got the following:

Please click on the pictures to enlarge.

Anthony F. Seeberger in Chicago:  

 I could collect some things from him. He originated from the family of Hesse / Germany and was born 1832 in Wetzlar. After some years in Iowa he settled in Chicago as a salesman. His shop is probably shown on this postcard from 1904. 
This razor blade was sold about 1900.
I found documents about two lawsuits at the US supremecourt against the US goverment.


1893 he was treasurer of the worlds fair in Chicago, I found this picture from this fair in a German newspaper from 1893. Two ticketsw from the fair with his signature will be published later.


Jules Seeberger in Paris:


Jules Seeberger from France belongs to a family which originates from Tyrol and moved over Bavaria to France.
The Seeberger brothers were very famous photographers in Paris. Jules had na faible from which I could buy the following postcards:


Professor Gustav Seeberger

Thronsaal of the Residenz in Munich. Painted by Professor Gustav Seeberger. He was known as the Master of Perspective. Sometime I will donate a seperate page to him.
In the past I could buy three books he wrote and of which I´m very proud. His first book
( A new method of practical perspective ) was written in 1860. A new edition was published 1904.
A few weeks ago I bought another book which was published 1874 ( Basic knowledge of the theory of perspective shadow )
But he also was a very famous painter A very expensive original oilpainting from Gustav Seeberger (painted 1886) is private property of a Seeberger in Marktredwitz.. I was very happy to hold it in my hands and admire it.
The photo can not show the beauty of the painting. A wonderful picture of this famous artist.

S. Seeberger:


7 of 10 pictures are shown here. Who knows more about the painter S. Seeberger? I would be very interested to get more informations about him. Who can help?




Maria Cosmas Seeberger:

In December 2001 I found the book Key To The Spiritual Treasures in the Internet which he wrote in 1897. From 1874 on he was Missionary Father of the Congregation of the Most Precious Blood in Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. This book was never sold in public and distributed only within this congregation. I bought it in an antique bookstore in Ireland!

How small the world is now with the Internet!

Maria Cosmas was born on 14. March 1840 in Frastanz / Austria as Johann Kaspar Seeberger. He emmigrated 1866 and arrived in New York on 11. January 1867. His oldest ancestor was Johannes born about 1570 and married to Anna Veltin. Who has more informations?

New books:

Some new books:
- Seeberg, Reinhold: Die Grundwahrheiten der christlichen Religion 1918
- Seeberger, Kurt: Reise nach Lipizza 1966
- Seeberger, Kurt: Michelangelo und die Sixtinische Kapelle ( Dr. Karl Thomae GmbH )
- Seeberger, Jürgen: Ökologische Müllverwertung 1991
- Seeberger, Anton: Und deine Jahre enden nie 2001
- Seeberger, Christoph und Kurt: München Poesie einer Stadt 1984
- Dubois, Eddy: Images de Chasses mit Bildern von Jean und Suzanne Seeberger, Frankreich 1972
- Seeberger, Edward: Sine Die, A guide to the Washington State Legislative Process 1997
- Seeberger, Alfred Dr. Deutsches Freimaurer-Museum Bayreduth 1954
- Seeburger, Francis F. Professor: The Stream of Thought 1983




This Postcard dates 27th December 1923 and was sent to Harry Seeberger in Philadelphia. Does anyone have more informations?

An autograph of Peter Sieberger, probably from Saarbruecken as softball player.


This postcard is painted by an unknown Seeberger



  This Christian played 1994 in the German National Icehockey League for the Kaufbeuren Eagles



Last but not least I found this MC from the Seeburger from Opponitz. I don´t know more because in Opponitz in Austria I couldn´t detect any Seeburger.